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minute and minute shouldn’t be spelled the same

im not content with this content

i object to that object

I need to read what I read again


Sega reveals new Sonic title Sonic Boom, the last of the Nintendo Exclusive titles featuring the Blue Blur

Other than the bandana on Sonic, I’m having a hard time finding anything wrong with this. 

The game will be developed by Big Red Button Entertainment, a studio made of ex-Naughty Dog devs. The game will also sport co-operative gameplay.

The Sonic and Co. redesigns will also have their own new cartoon, coming to Cartoon Network in the late 2014/early 2015 season. Check out the trailer here. [❤]

Buy: Sonic Toys and Plush, Sonic Classic Collection $14






i like how in every movie about wwii, the women in concentration camps are miraculously hairless

i mean, thank god the nazis allowed the jew women to shave their legs and pits or else that would’ve been gross and the…

My jaw dropped like are you fucking joking

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Anonymous asked: are there any parts of Islam that you don't agree with? : 0


It’s not that I disagree with Islam or the Qu’ran, but the fact that I disagree with many Islamic Scholars, and their interpretation of Quranic verses - for example, the view on Homosexuals and apostasy, with that said, let me share my views on them.

I will also clarify some misunderstandings about Islam, particulary in the Western World.

  1. Lifestyles: The Qu’ran says we’re to coexist with one and the other, or, and love your neighbour(s) regardless of their personal lifestyle, cause God (or Allah (SWT), in this context) is the one to Judge, which means I have no right to judge anyone of their lifestyles, therefore giving me all the right to support any sort of lifestyle that does not bring harm. However, many scholars of Islam have made their own intrepetation, which puts many lifestyles surpressed in many Islamic countries, which is unfortunate, really.

  2. Apostasy:, In many Islamic countries, leaving or converting from Islam can lead to Capital Punishment, as it is regarded as treason. However, back in Prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) time, people were allowed to leave Islam, for example, the Jews who allied themselves with the Muslims, but kept their faith.
    However this is misintrepetated by many, especially in the Western World.
    He didn’t kill those who left Islam or dismissed the ideas of it, he allowed them to leave - he would only let his followers kill them IF THEY WERE TO SPREAD FALSE RUMOURS ABOUT ISLAM WHICH COULD LEAD TO A REBELLION AGAINST ISLAM WHICH IS THE DEFINITION OF TREACHERY.

  3. Sharia Laws: I do follow many rules of Islam, however, Sharia is non-existent where I live, and regardless of the secularized society, I still practice Islam, but the Sharia Laws are so distorted in many Islamic nations, that it needs to reform, not in terms of changing the words of the Qu’ran and hadith, but to adapt them to today’s society

  4. Hijabs and other headgears: They are worn by choice, not by force, a common misunderstanding by western communities. It is only to show respect to God when you enter a holy place/ ground or praying as a way to show modesty. Hijabs are not mandatory, but shows how devoted you are if you do wear it. 

  5. We do not hate Jews, and Christians: neither do we condemn them. While we have some different views, we still regard them as the People of the Book, (religions in which they were revealed the scriptures, like the Torah, Gospel and etc.) WITH RESPECT, as these books are also holy in Islam.
    Otherwise read “Verse 2:62 and 5:69 of The Qu’ran”
    We share many things in common, same God, same prophets; Abraham and Moses (PBUT), and etc.

    Now don’t confuse yourself with the ongoing conflict in Israel/ Palestine. It’s all about politics and governmental power, so dismiss that all cost, cause that’s is a different issue which puts religion as an unimportant subject. 
    Jews lived in harmony with Muslims during the Ottoman regime, infact, it was during those times they lived in a Golden Age).

  6. Science and Islam: Islam supports science, it supports many theories, such as Darwin’s theory about the Evolution. We try to connect them with our religion - we do not dismiss the ideas of Science, because Islam revolves around science, and many scientific breakthroughs were brought from Muslim scientists back in the days.

So point is, I love my religion, I love my faith, and regardless of how many people who’d try to prove to me that there’s no God, will never convince me, if you wanna point out what’s wrong with a religion, DON’T - instead, point at the people who tries to distort the meaning of Islam and corrupt its essence as a Religion of Peace, this applies to other religions aswell.

With that said, I love everyone, as long as you have a good heart, you will win my respect, that is all. God bless you <3 <3

I love Islam. If I wasn’t an orthodox Christian I’d be a Muslim.

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The worst thing women worry about men: “What if he rapes/murders/abuses me?”

The worst thing men worry about women: “What if she friendzones me?”

And you, as a woman, know what men think because…?

Hi, man here, not afraid…

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So all my life is a crazy mess I’m living in Grande Prairie I have a job and I will have an actual plae to live that isn’t a hotel tomorrow yay!


Wasn’t elitepact a neo nazi?

Best employee meal of life #omg #fiveguys #delicious

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Enjoying the new job so far!! #grandeprairie #newbie #fiveguys